psi-fleet is a professionally designed and easy to use interface
Minimal training required
Multilingual capability
Improve customer relations with fast checkouts and returns
Track data and fleets quickly and efficiently
Multi-user and multi-location capability

psi-fleet was designed to operate on today's personal computers in order to be an affordable solution to many of the daily problems of fleet management and control that the rental manager faces. psi-fleet runs on the Windows platform with a minimum of 1024x768 resolution. Data storage can be either on a single-user computer or on a central server when utilized for many users and locations.

Below are key points for each module of our rental product. Of course there are more feature than are listed.
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Overview Tab tracks
Current reservations
Vehicles on rent
When vehicles are due back
List of dates for recurring rentals
List of extensions now due (insurance rentals)

Quotes Tab
Easy to generate an accurate and complete quote
Easy to change rates - including shift rates
Save the quote for reference
Easily send the quote to a client

Reservations Tab

Seamlessly integrate a quote into a reservation
Modify a reservation with same flexibility as a rental
Easily change the rate to be applied or select a suggested rate
Track when reservation was last changed

Check Out Tab
Enter information consistently without omissions!
Use scanners to easily input driver’s information
Easily track source of business
Easy to add and change additional charges, LDW etc.
Print customized rental agreement (with your terms and conditions)
Easy vehicle exchange that retains information upon check in
Additional information and extension screen for insurance rentals

Check In Tab
Warn operator of maintenance to be performed
Ability to change the return time
Multiple/split billing
Print the invoice at the same time or at a later date
Miscellaneous Invoicing

Rates Tab
Easy to change rates - regular and shift rates
Set calendar day, weekend and long term rentals

Inventory Tab
Track all inventory and associated information
Track book values
Track Maintenance and repair costs
Garage Register of when vehicles were bought and sold
Traffic Violation searches

Customer Tab
Keep repeat customers on file
Keep customers’ preferences
Retain customers exemption list (e.g. taxes)
Track list of bad customers

Reports Tab
            Daily business
            Sales summary
            Revenue from Closed Contracts
            Rental Register
            Rate Code Statistics
            Source of Business
            Credit card Receipt Averages
            Payment type Summary
            Outstanding Deposits
            Contract Business
            Customer Rental History
            Payments Received
            Month to Date Revenue
            Additional Deposits
            Monthly Utilization

            Print Rental Rates
            Print Customer List
            Print Audit Report
            Mailing Lists
            No Show Report

            Maintenance History
            Vehicle Rental History
            Depreciation Schedule
            Preventive Maintenance History
            Garager Register
            Accident History

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